Thread rolling machine SNR 6

The SNR 6 machine is used for cutting (rolling) threads in through holes. MAG - Engineering has designed, manufactured a six-spindle machine for

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Twisted tube machine CNT 12

Tube coiling machine SNT 12 is designed for coiling a tube made of sheet metal with a thickness of 0.28 mm. The winding machine is used in the production of automobile

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Corrugated gate (knife) type SM 600

The gate (knife) corrugating machine SM 600 is designed for making "V" -shaped folds. Used material for corrugation - 1-a, 2-x,

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Rotary corrugator R-350

The installation is designed for the manufacture of corrugated curtains. The resulting curtain is used for the production of filters and filter elements for cleaning air, oil, fuel and hydraulic

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The production of automotive filters is one of the important industries that our company places particular emphasis on. MAG-engineering offers its Clients universal equipment for the production of automotive filters, which is completed for any technical requirements of the Customer, taking into account as much as possible all possible innovations in the field of automation and machine-tool construction.

Equipment for the production of automotive filters from MAG-engineering: what is it?

All equipment is represented by one high-performance line, which allows:

  • to make threading (knurling) of threads in through holes made of aluminum, copper, steel and other alloys;
  • to wind a pipe made of tin;
  • to produce "V" -shaped curtains, which are further used to create filter elements for purification of air, fuel and oil;
  • to produce corrugated curtains for the further development of filters.

All machines are fully automatic.

Benefits of using equipment from MAG-engineering

Our production lines are equipped with our equipment, the Customer automatically provides himself with:

  1. Stable product development.
  2. Systematic production of a wide range.
  3. Saving labor resources.
  4. Minimization of consumption of raw materials and energy costs.
  5. Reduction of the occupied space in our own production.

Technologically, all processes for the production of elements for the further development of automotive filters are similar to each other. But our modern line is capable of serially producing up to several thousand items per shift, which are also distinguished by their high quality.

Where is it applied?

All equipment offered by MAG-engineering is actively used in the following industries:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Footwear industry
  3. Agricultural industry
  4. Special equipment

Important! Our company trains personnel and specialists in the field of polymer processing and in the production of automotive filters, so we are able to solve the problems of automating all technological processes.

Range of equipment from MAG-engineering

Your production line for the manufacture of automotive filters can be equipped with the following equipment:

  1. SNR thread rolling machine
  2. Twisted tube machine CNT
  3. Corrugated gate (knife) type SM
  4. Rotary corrugator R-350.

We remind you that all developments from the MAG-engineering company are of high quality, undergo complex diagnostics, and also provide high performance.