Panel (square) air filter line

For many years, our company has been producing automotive filters for various purposes, and for the last 10 years we have started to produce

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Round Filter Production Line

For many years, our company has been producing automotive filters for various purposes, and for the last 12 years we have started to produce

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D1000G FIP processing line

Technological line D 1000G FIP (Formed-In-Place) is designed for automatic application of the sealant at the specified coordinates. Seals are applied directly to components in a single cycle with controlled precision

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The MAG-engineering company can boast of many years of experience in working with polymers, silicones and polyurethane foams, so we have expanded our specialization to production lines that greatly simplify the work of our customers.

How are the production lines from MAG-engineering presented?

Our production line is a complex of special installations that are designed to automatically carry out a specific productive activity, taking into account a given rhythm and a certain sequence. In our case, these are:

  • Equipment for the production of a round automobile filter;
  • Semi-automatic line of square (panel) filter;
  • Lines for the production of "HEPA" filters;
  • Automatic application of sealant with controlled precision.

Today we are ready to provide our Clients with a complete set of equipment for the full cycle of this production.

Where does the customer benefit from using our production lines?

  1. We remind you that this is a fully automatic line that provides non-stop production, which means the client saves a lot of his own time.
  2. Our equipment is assembled using modern technologies, which allows us to double the volume of manufactured products.
  3. Mixing and dosing systems from MAG-engineering process any materials, from polyurethanes to foamed silicones, which greatly simplifies the product development process.
  4. By themselves, the installations are not oversized, which allows you to significantly save on the area of your own production.
  5. The equipment is available for use even for novice specialists and is fully customized for its user.

In what areas can production lines from MAG-engineering be used?

Our equipment is considered to be wide-profile, therefore it can be used in various fields:

  1. Electronics
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Lighting engineering
  4. Footwear industry
  5. Wind turbine industry
  6. Appliances
  7. Special equipment
  8. Furniture industry

What do we offer?

Production lines from MAG-engineering are equipped with the following equipment:

  1. Panel (square) air filter line.
  2. Round filter production line.
  3. Technological line D1000G FIP.

We guarantee the production of high quality products with minimal waste of time!