Our services

Today, the value of any company is determined by its ability to solve the most complex technical problems, and the timing of solving his problems is extremely important for each client. Of course, our company meets the above requirements due to the introduction of the latest technologies by highly qualified specialists.

In recent years, the production of automotive filters is gaining more and more popularity in the CIS countries. And thanks to this, one of our main directions of the company is equipment for the manufacture of filters. The main task of our specialists is to find the optimal solution that will satisfy your needs as much as possible when purchasing equipment. Lines that ensure the production of car filters can be completed with additional units, depending on the technical specifications formulated by the client. With the help of our installations, you will be able to produce the models of car filters you need.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of automotive filters, we can offer our customers additional services in expanding the range of air filters: 

  • All kinds of consultations in the field of technological processes.
  • Manufacturing of corrugated blocks for the car.
  • Providing with conductors and molds individually for assimilated products.

Production of equipment for polyurethane, PPU is the second direction of our company

 Every day more and more polyurethane equipment and PPU equipment are used. Here are some areas where it can be used: 

  1.  Furniture fittings and components.
  2.  Building materials.
  3.  Architectural decor.
  4.  Furniture decor.
  5.  Details for car tuning.
  6.  Rapid prototyping.

This is just a small part of what you can do with this material. We not only make equipment for polyurethane foam, but also transfer to the client all our technical skills for working with polyurethane systems. Often, our clients with polyurethane foam equipment does not help to completely solve their problem, and therefore we develop and manufacture whole complexes of casting installations.

In the field of processing polyurethanes, silicones, adhesives, MAG-Engineering also offers additional services, in addition to the production of equipment for polyurethane: 

  • Technology for the preparation of polyurethanes, plastisols for production
  • Manufacturing of static heads
  • Manufacturing of dynamic heads

MAG-Engineering pays great attention to customer service. Most issues related to the repair and adjustment of equipment for polyurethane or for the manufacture of filters are resolved in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the many years of experience of our specialists, we are always ready to help you customize the equipment for your specific product and performance.

If you have additional questions or want to order equipment for the manufacture of air filters, as well as equipment for PPU, please write to us by e-mail или звоните по телефону +380 95 496-41-11.

Additionally, we can perform work:

  1. Metalworking (Turning Milling Welding works Production of design documentation).
  2. Manufacturing of polyurethane products.